Online Racing


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The concept behind is a so called client / server model. Every LapTimer application is a client sending both the current position and times lapped to a dedicated server (let‘s name this server ,Harry‘s Server‘). Harry‘s Server collects all this information and allows access to this data by LapTimer versions featuring the Online View.

Basic Concept

For the client, there is little to do. To participate in Online Racing you need to make sure that data is submitted. See ,Privacy‘ below to understand the three levels of publishing. The Online View shows each racer as a dot with a three letter ,name‘. As an example, Harry‘s name is HSc. The name is configured in the Settings App, names longer than 3 letters are stripped.

Setup for Online Viewing

Please note: To participate in online racing, you need to be online ;-) Your telco provider may charge you an extra fee for data transfer.

Online racing, introduced in versions 8.2 / 9.0, is an exciting feature that allows you to see your buddies on track, online, at any time.

Harry‘s LapTimer Petrolhead includes the Online View by default. The Online View is available as an Add On in LapTimer Rookie too – using In App Purchase.

LapTimer is prepared to work with both a dedicated server (Harry‘s Server) and with local servers set up by other parties. Harry‘s Server is available on most of the time. As insiders immediately see, this server has no static IP. Each time the IP changes (in average 3 times a day), the server is not available for a few minutes.

Server Availability

LapTimer‘s network activities are displayed in the navigation bar of most views. While LapTimer is connected, power consumption is high. Please consider using a power cable when using this feature regularly.


Running an Online View may appear a bit more tricky in the beginning. The Online View needs a hint which area (i. e. which track) to show. Select the track you want to watch using the standard Event settings. The area to show is finally determined by selecting a ,good‘ round lapped in your local database. Important: as long as you have not done a lap on the track watched, LapTimer will not be able to determine the area to display.

With a track selected, the ,good‘ round will by displayed as a basic shape. All racers around the area are displayed as a dot with their driver‘s short name. In addition - as soon as times where lapped - this times lapped appear in the upper right corner.

So what is required for a perfect track day experience?

  1. One iPhone loaded with LapTimer Standard application per driver.

  2. At least one iPhone with LapTimer Professional, or LapTimer Standard+Online Racing AddOn. Only iPhones with Professional or Online Racing Add On can view online.

  3. Mobile network around the track, all LapTimers configured to publish positions (see below).

Recommended Options

  1. Power supply and / or a supported external GPS


'Danger Ahead' Alert

All LapTimer versions are equipped with an alert feature broadcasting a ,danger ahead‘ alarm to LapTimer users racing the same track:

  1. 1.While lapping, LapTimer offers an Alert button.

  2. 2.When pressed, the current position is broadcasted to all drivers currently connected to Harry‘s Server driving on the same track as the driver issuing the alert.

  3. 3.When the position is approached by any of these drivers, an alert with a yellow flag is coming up.

The broadcast is not guarantied to reach the drivers on track:

In fact, this function is not very reliable as several things need to work that have no defined service level: The alert needs to reach Harry‘s Server, thus the issuing LapTimer needs to have a connection to the Internet, and Harry‘s Server needs to be up and running (and be connected to the net - which is not always the case).

Furthermore the drivers on track need to be online too: only LapTimer clients currently connected will receive the broadcast at all. In case privacy level is set to 'Never', no broadcast message will reach the device – see Privacy Policy.

As stated in the End User License: The author is not responsible for any injuries or property damage that may occur during use of this software.