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LapTimer's app portfolio evolves continuously. The latest version introduces a new and simplified scheme including Rookie, Petrolhead, and Grand Prix editions. Edition availability depends on the platform, please check the chart below. Pricing scheme is the same on all platforms.

Mover Support

Just like we offer edition upgrades to match growing requirements of our users, we want to support platform movers. So in case you have one edition for iOS already, we offer a 30% refund on Android purchases up to that edition. To receive that refund, please send both store receipts (Apple and Google) plus a PayPal account we can transfer the refund to. Mover discounts are available for iOS to Android and vice versa.

Stores and Distribution

At the time of writing, all of the above editions are available for iOS on Apple‘s AppStore. For Android, we have Rookie and Petrolhead Editions available on Google's PlayStore.

Upgrade Policy

LapTimer is probably the app with the most free updates seen in the app marketplace. We are committed to continuously add features and make each app edition even more enjoyable. Although we have added new editions on top of our portfolio in the past (and will probably do again), you will never be asked to pay again for functionality you purchased in the past.

Please support this strategy by recommending us to your friends!

Upgrades are available from the App, not AppStore/Google Play!
In case you want to upgrade your edition to the next level, please select 'Tracks'/'Add-Ons' in the App and choose the upgrade.

Do not upgrade by buying the next edition from AppStore/Google play as you will be charged the full edition price!

We support the major stores only. It is not possible to distribute our apps through other channels.

Android Editions

While LapTimer's iOS versions are available for quite some time, we have started adding Android support in 2013. In particular, LapTimer Rookie for Android is available since June 2013. Except some differences in look and feel / user interface, it includes the same functionality LapTimer Rookie for iOS has.

In March 2014, LapTimer Petrolhead for Android has been released. We really had to fight to get the video overlaying options included like known from iOS. It is not super fast so far, but we are happy to deliver high quality overlaid videos generated on Android devices now. :-)

Recent project priorities have forced us to defer LapTimer GrandPrix for Android to early Spring 2015. Compared to Petrolhead, it will includes all the external cam and picture in picture video stuff.

The pricing scheme for Android is exactly the same as for iOS. Furthermore, upgrade options from Rookie to Petrolhead to GrandPrix will be available for all Android editions too.

Other Platforms

We love to support as many platforms as possible, but need to balance overall benefit against capacity available. Porting a huge piece of software like LapTimer requires considerable time and cost for a new platform port (Android took roughly one "man year"). On top of this, every platform requires continuous maintenance. Finally, every hour we spend on a new platform, is not available to serve our existing user base and to provide new features for LapTimer.

In general, we will tie new platform decisions to platform marketshare (20% and above). Deviations are considered for "the next big thing" innovations only. So thanks for your understanding we can not support Windows Mobile and BlackBerry currently.

Extended Refund Policy

Due to the comparable low prices for apps, refund policies are restricted for both Apple's AppStore and Google's PlayStore. As we take care to have satisfied customers only, we offer an extended refund policy for Harry's LapTimer:

In case you are not satisfied with LapTimer because you can't get it working, please start by sending a problem report to We will clarify on the issue and propose steps to get LapTimer working. In case this doesn't resolve the issue within one iteration, and in case you still want to pass the app back, we will refund the full app price.

As we do not have access to Apple's and Google's client and individual transaction data, we need the following data to process a refund:

  1. E-mail copy of the receipt you received after having purchased LapTimer

  2. A PayPal address we can transfer the money to

  3. E-mail stating you will not use LapTimer in the future and have deleted all copies

  1. Order Number of your LapTimer purchase (see Google receipt)

  2. E-mail stating you will not use LapTimer in the future and have deleted all copies

This extended policy is valid up to 4 weeks after purchase.